March 1-16, 2012

February 28-March 2:  The Labrador Institute visited faculty and staff at the Grenfell campus as part of a cross-campus tour that began in November when LI hosted Grenfell faculty in Labrador.  The tour included visits to several departments and facilities, including the marine research station at Bonne Bay.  Several potential research projects were discussed.

March 2:  Mark Turner  appeared on Labrador Morning to promote the screening on March 3. The Podcast is available here:

March 3:  Labrador/ians on Film screening. The theme:  "Protest, and its Forms"; showed a variety of films that showcased different forms of protest in Labrador, including a film from the Labrador Film Project 1969 on needs for  change in Cape St Charles on the South Coast, Innu protests in HV-GB against low-level flying, and Inuit and Innu protests at Anatalak Bay against the proposed Voisey's Bay developments in the late 1990's.

The Innu-aimun version of the Labrador Institute’s book for children, Polar Bear in the Rock, has been sent to the printer.

Rachel Hirsch travelled to Winnipeg and did presentations on her research

March 7 & 9 :  Meeting with Dean of Education and the Dean of Science  to discuss possible cost shared faculty based in Labrador

March 7:  Meeting with director of Lifelong Learning (Karen Kennedy) to discuss potential offerings in Labrador

March 8:  Meeting with the editor of ISER Books to discuss possibility of joint publications with the LI

March 9:  Keith delivered 2012-2013 budget presentations

March 9:  Meeting with Department of National Defense (DND) to discuss possible training options for 5 Wing Goose Bay

March 9:  LI jackets were ordered for those who were interested in purchasing one.

March 12:  A meeting of the governing board for the CURA “Understanding the Past to Build the Future” was held on, providing updates on this multidisciplinary project exploring the history and culture of NunatuKavut.  The Labrador Institute chairs the governing board of the project.

March 13-14:  Interviews were conducted  for Labrador Institute Finance Manager and Logistics Office

March 14:  The Gazette did a story on Rachel and her work with the LI

March 16:  123 records were added to our Labrador Institute Library catalogue