June 25-July 8, 2012

June 20-July 20:  Hosted a volunteer at the NWR Research Station, Hugh Verrier. Hugh was a big help around the building and at the archaeology project in Sheshatshiu.

June 25-27: Most LI Staff attended Expo Labrador Conference and Trade exhibition.  Ron Sparkes moderated the Expo Conference sessions.

June 25: Expo Labrador begins!

June 25: A meet and greet was held at the Labrador Institute office with MUN Expo contingent.

June 25: Beatrice Dickers was awarded a 30 years of service award by MUN president Dr. Gary Kachanoski...Way to go Beatrice!

June 25: MUN hosted an evening meet and greet at Hotel North 2. There were various special guests in attendance.

June 26: Keith Chaulk emceed a news event.

June 26: Dr. Gary Kachanoski announces a $1.8 million in incremental funding to the Labrador Institute.

June 26: Hon Peter Penashue announces ACOA funding of $2.1 million to the Labrador Institute over 3 years.

June 26: Hon. Nick McGrath announces IBRD funding of $524,000 to Labrador Institute over 3 years.

June 26: Keith Chaulk did a CBC television/radio interview describing purpose and intent of funding.

June 26. Keith Chaulk took Dr. David Wardlaw and Dr Gary Kachanoski on a boat tour of Goose Bay, Lake Melville, North West River and Grand Lake.

June 26: Rachel Hirsch helped prepare presentations for a meeting with the Nunatsiavut Government's Nain Community Freezer (NCF) Steering Committee and a public research reporting seminar held by Chris Furgal (Trent University). Preparations included updated metrics and charts illustrating NCF harvest intake and outtake since September 2011.

June 27: MUN sponsored a hole at the Expo golf tournament.

June 27: Keith Chaulk and 4 other players play in and win the Expo golf tournament.\

June 29, July 3, and July 5: Rachel Hirsch attended NCF staff meetings

Marc Storey, an archaeologist from St. John's arrived in in North West River at the end of June. He will acting as the site supervisor on LI's archaeology project in Sheshatshiu.

July 2:  The archaeology project in Sheshatshiu started. This project will continue work that Scott was doing as an independent researcher since 2009. It is now a LI/MUN research project and will be ongoing over the summer, until sometime in October. It is focused on the excavation of a large, significant Intermediate Period site in the community of Sheshatshiu, Labrador.

July 3-6. Upon request from the Rigolet Inuit Community government, Keith designed the marine mammal observation program. Ilana Alice and Morgon Mills helped Keith pull training materials together (photos, videos, etc). Keith travelled to Rigolet to deliver the training on July 11.