June 24-July 7, 2013

June 23 & 24: Keith did a site visit to Muskrat Falls with Dr. Richard Marceau, Vice-President (Research) and also showed him around the LI facilities where he had the opportunity to meet our staff and partners. They also met with ACOA representatives to discuss future collaboration.

June 24: The Labrador Institute and the Gardiner Centre hosted an information session on the Master’s Certificate in Project Management, which we hope to offer live in Happy Valley-Goose Bay in January 2014. The session was very well attended.

June 24-26: Several Labrador Institute staff attended ExpoLabrador Conference and Trade Show in Happy Valley–Goose Bay. Dr. Ron Sparkes moderated the conference sessions at the event. On June 25, Dr. John Thistle gave a presentation on provincial mineral royalties and tax revenues from iron ore mining as part of panel on "managing growth."

June 25: Dr. Keith Chaulk, along with Dr. Joinal Abedin, Dr. Merline Fonkwe and Dr. Richard Marceau met with Francis Mackenzie of Labrador iron sands to discuss potential collaboration. They also met with Kevin Ducal of Canadian Forestry to discuss collaboration options.

June 26: LI staff who had been involved with the Inuit Bachelor of Social Work program (Martha, Nathaniel, Morgon) met for a half-day workshop with evaluator John Graham to discuss the parameters of the evaluation.

June 27: Keith did a field expedition with project partners.

June 28: The Labrador Institute, as well as other organizations, are joining a collaborative initiative to increase public awareness and interest for the George River Caribou Herd. The project is using T-shirts to spread a stewardship message to the general public. Karen has ordered one shirt for each LI staff member.

July 2: Summer Student, Zachary Michel started work with Scott at the Research Station in North West River.

July 2-4: Keith was in the field conducting seabird surveys and collecting specimens for methyl mercury analysis to establish a mercury baseline prior to flooding of the lower Churchill River valley.

July 3: Morgon and Martha met with Dr. Kristina Bidwell of the University of Saskatchewan to discuss her project of annotating the diary of Lydia Campbell for a new publication of that work.

July 5: The job competition closed for the Operations, Facilities and Logistics Coordinator; screening and interview arrangements are in progress for interviews on July 18.

July 5 and 6: Martha attended the opening of the Husky Energy Gallery and the Elinor Gill Ratcliffe Gallery at the Rooms in St. John’s. Martha was a member of the advisory group and had worked with the group on the text for the exhibits over the past two years.