July 8-21, 2013

July 8: The LI enjoyed a visit from Dean of Education, Dr. Kirk Anderson and Associate Dean, Dr. Gerald Galway, as well as new faculty member Dr. Sylvia Moore, who will be joining us in September. A meeting was held regarding the planned Labrador Indigenous Teacher Education Program. An agreement was signed between Kirk and Keith, with a photo and article appearing in The Labradorian.

July 9: Martha attended a Research Council meeting by teleconference.

July 10: Martha had a consultation with Julie Scriver of Goose Lane Publications on an upcoming book.

July 12: Dr. Candace Amber accepted the position as research associate in Aboriginal Teacher Training.

July 15: Keith met with Memorial’s president, Dr. Gary Kachanoski and the Vice President of Research, Dr. Richard Marceau, to discuss MUN activities in Labrador.

July 16: Keith met with Dr. Richard Marceau and Dr. Rob Greenwood to discuss plans for MUN Labrador consultations.

July 16: Keith met with VP academic, Dr. David Wardlaw to discuss University of the Arctic, LI status updates, etc.

July 17: Martha had a meeting with the illustrators of the upcoming new book.

July 18: There was a public meeting with the Dean of Arts as well as the rest of the committee to discuss the feasibility of opening a law school at Memorial.

July 19: The Annual Report for 2012-2013 has been completed; a few changes were requested and made. The report is now available online by following this link: http://www.mun.ca/labradorinstitute/annualreport/