July 23- August 5, 2012

Here is the Bi-Weekly Report for the Labrador Institute for July 23- August 5, 2012:

Scott has also been overseeing work on the Sheshatshiu Archaeology Project and hosting researchers arriving in NWR to work on it.

Scott has been busy supervising Rebecca Watts on the Blue Print for Change project. Right now she is compiling the people for the detailed interviews as well as the place name study. She is also reviewing the transcripts for errors.

Rachel Hirsch helped draft a report for Labrador-Grenfell Health on the pilot youth program, sent in materials for the LI 2011-2012 report, helped review a paper for Brigitte Evering (one of Chris Furgal's students), continued work with Becky Porlier on the analytical framework/coding scheme for the Iqaluit to Ottawa Knowledge Tracking project, received ethics renewal for the KT Project protocol from York's Human Participants Review Committee, and helped bag char for the Nain Community Freezer smoke house.

Doreen has been active in working on locating office space for the LI. She is now in the process of finalizing a lease for additional office space, and working on getting that space functioning as an office and is also gathering information related to another option that is being explored for potential office space.

On the Human Resources end, Doreen and Ilana made the arrangements for the Mineral Deposit RA interviews that were held on August 7 and Doreen has been organizing the Soil Scientist interviews which will be held on August 29.

Doreen met with IBRD Funding Partner regarding the conclusion of Phase I and commencement of Phase II.

Ilana has been helping Rebecca in working on finishing up a housing and homelessness report for Happy Valley-Goose Bay and assisting her with organizing the Aboriginal Health Research Ethics Workshop, which will take place in late September.

Ilana has been organizing some photos and old technical reports, which will ultimately go in the LI library.

The LI Library project has been moving along. Cataloguing in coordination with CNA has been completed and the remainder of the material to be catalogued will head to central cataloguing at QEII. Some of our collection is now searchable through the Libraries link from the MUN webpage. Our full catalogue is still available in the old location, however, until all transfer is completed.

John Thistle is back in Labrador since his appointment as Research Associate on June 1 and is still working on an economic history of Labrador's resource industries and to that end has been meeting with and collecting various historic data from the provincial mines branch in St. John's, as well as working with archivists from MUN and the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador. Much of this archival material he now has on hand has already been digitized for analysis here in Labrador. He has also started collecting material for the hydro-electric portion of the study.

July 23-27: Rebecca Schiff met with various representatives of Government and non-profit organizations in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to work on the project for Conference Board of Canada on public sector governance in the North.

July 23: Scott has been helping Trevor Bell and his students get set up in North West River.

July 27: Rachel Hirsch met with her LI PDF committee (Tom Sheldon, Chris Furgal, and Trevor Bell) to finalize products and propose a timeline for the remainder of her position (via phone).

July 27: The Nain Community Freezer Pilot Youth Outreach Program was highlighted in the Nunatsiavut Government's Summer 2012 Newsletter. Rachel Hirsch co-authored the story: http://www.nunatsiavut.com/images/stories/news/newsletters/Tugapvik%20Nunatsiavut%20-%20Summer%202012.pdf

July 30-August 3: Rebecca Schiff travelled to St. John's to meet with colleagues at St. John's Campus in connection with on-going research projects and preparation for Fall semester teaching.

July 30: Rachel Hirsch attended a presentation by Kirk Dombrowski (City University of New York) on the Nain Networks Project.

July 31: Rachel Hirsch attended a Nain Community Freezer staff meeting with Kirk Dombrowski.

July 31: Rachel Hirsch was interviewed as a follow-up to TCPS2 training she had received as part of an independent program assessment contracted by the Government of Canada's Panel on Research Ethics (via phone).

Aug 1: Rachel Hirsch attended one of Chris Furgal's research group meetings (via Skype).

August 1: Scott has revived "Archaeology in Sheshatshiu" Facebook page, check it out!

August 1: With the Nunatukavut, Innu First Nation and Torngat secretariat, Marie Clement attended a meeting organized by the DFO's Regional Director of Science (Barry McCallum) and Section Head of Salmonids Division (Chuck Bourgeois). The priorities of the different groups and how we could collaborate on fisheries related issues was discussed.

August 2: Summer student Rebecca White is embarking on a project to identify, describe, and organize footage of various Labrador Creative Arts Festivals over the years.

August 3 - Morgon is continuing the development of our new archival management system, powered by Archon software from the University of Illinois. The local host is on track to debut for public access in the fall, once a critical mass of material has been processed and uploaded. So far we have 209 still images and 155 videos in 11 digital collections. Thousands of photographs and hundreds of videos to come!

August 3rd: Marie Clement attended a meeting with Richard Nanu (Innu First Nation) to discuss Innu's research priorities, future collaboration and elaboration of research projects in the Lower Churchill River.

August 3: The last lot of materials (23 boxes) catalogued in Labrador West was prepared for sending to Happy Valley-Goose Bay for shelving. The LI photo collection was also sent over for Morgan to work with.

August 3: The new washer and dryer for Labrador Institute Research Station has arrived.

Beatrice, Doreen and Diane are busy as usual, behind the scenes compiling all the necessary paperwork for most of the above initiatives.