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January 6-19, 2014

January 7: Anthropology 2412: Resources, Aboriginal Rights, and Social Justice in Labrador, started in Happy Valley-Goose Bay with Andrea Procter instructing the course.

January 10: Martha attended an Advancement council meeting as well as an Engage Memorial meeting.

January 10: Ron participated in a ReSDA conference call meeting regarding ReSDA’s annual workshop scheduled for October 2- 4 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

January 13: Ron participated in a conference call session with St. John’s campus staff regarding Memorial’s participation at the Northern Lights Conference and Trade Show that will be held January 29-February 1.

January 14: Labrador Institute monthly staff meeting.

January 15: Martha attended a Research Council meeting.

January 15: Martha gave a presentation to the HV-GB Girl Guides for their folklore badge.

January 16: Martha and Ron met with the Vice President of Research, Dr. Richard Marceau.

January 17: Martha, Ron, Sylvia and Ruby met with people from MUN’s Faculty of Education through videoconference about the Aboriginal Teacher Training Program

January 17: Nathaniel has temporarily relocated to Ontario from January - June 2014. He will be a visiting student at the University of Ottawa's Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine.