January 21-February 3, 2013

January 21- January 24: Keith and Ron attended the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce “ Northern Exposure Conference and Trade Show “ in St. John’s, NL. Ron served as a moderator for the 2.5 day conference segment of the event. On January 24, Keith presented about the Labrador Institute.

January 21: Martha attended a CURA board meeting “Understanding the Past to Build the Future”

January 21: Scott submitted a proposal to Health Canada's Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program for Northern First nations and Inuit Communities, for Stage III of the Sivunivut-Labrador institute research project, "Traditional knowledge: A Blueprint for Change"

January 22: Martha gave a lecture on research and ethics to the Community Studies class at CNA

January 22: Scott provided feedback to the University of Michigan regarding the U of M and Labrador Institute internship program. Last year was the first time we hosted an intern from that university and we hope to do so again in the future.

January 22: Karen attended a planning meeting by phone for the upcoming Harris Centre Engagement sessions in Labrador West.

January 24: Martha participated in an IBSW graduation planning meeting.

January 25: Some Labrador Institute staff participated in a farewell event, hosted by Nathaniel, for Sandy Kershaw, bachelor of social work (BSW) program co-ordinator, Nunatsiavut Government, who is now finished with the BSW program.

January 28: Martha met with Lynn Cadigan to plan for an Alumni event

January 28 – February 1: In partnership with Rebecca Schiff, Marie Clément elaborated a research proposal to promote collaboration between natural and social scientists. Project title: “Quantifying methylmercury contamination of the fishery in an estuarine fjord and elaborating mitigation measures to reduce social impacts of the hydroelectric development in the lower Churchill River”.

January 29: Martha took part in a teleconference with FemNorthNet to plan a March workshop

January 30: The surveys completed by high school students were sent to the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP).

January 30: Scott worked with Bryn Wood and Jamie Jackman to produce the first place name map for the Sivunivut Project. The map is now posted in the North West River Town Hall for community members to make comments.

January 31: Martha participated in an IBSW steering committee meeting.

February 1: Scott submitted an article to Them Days on the archaeology of the Churchill RIver, for their upcoming special issue.