January 20-February 2, 2014

January 20-February 2: John has been working on some possible upcoming projects about mapping major resource development projects in the north, both past and present.

January 21 & 23: Some LI staff, along with other Memorial faculty, students and staff attended consultation workshops held at Grenfell Campus and St. John’s campus. The events were hosted by the Harris Centre to discuss research in Labrador. These workshops were meant to validate and strengthen the inventory of research activities in Labrador and identify future/potential activities in the area. This initiative will inform future planning by Memorial University, including consultations with partners and stakeholders in Labrador.
Sylvia attended at Grenfell on January 21, while Martha and John attended in St. John’s on January 23.

January 22: Martha met with Janice Ikeda and Linda Liedenberg from Dalhousie University to receive updates on their project on youth resiliency in Labrador.

January 27: Good News! troubleshooting and testing is complete by Bell and C&C for internet service levels at Nunacor and Residence Buidlings. Bell has made some adjustments to their network equipment supporting these offices. C&C has advised that from their perspective and testing, the connection has been very stable since. Staff is reporting more reliable service as well!

January 28-February 2: Ron, Martha and Marie attended the Northern Lights conference in Ottawa. This was an excellent networking opportunity for our participants to meet people from other parts of the north, and from Memorial. 

Upcoming!! February 13: "MUN and North West River, Sitting in a Tree", at our North West River Research Station, 4-7 pm. We have recently confirmed that the images and information gallery will include (among other things) art by past NWR artists-in-residence Anne Troake and Amy Malbeuf, as well as a silent historical video from the Grenfell Mission, courtesy of Labrador/ians on Film, a collaboration between the Labrador Film Foundation and the Labrador Institute. An event not to be missed!

Follow this link for more information: http://www.mun.ca/labradorinstitute/news/sitting_in_a_tree_flyer.pdf