February 4-17, 2013

February 4: Martha met with Sarah Sandring, a visiting filmmaker.

February 4: Ron participated in a meeting of the Foundation board of the NL Quarterly.

February 4: Scott submitted an article on the archaeology of the Churchill River to Them Days. This was a requested article for a special issue on the history of the Churchill River.

February 4: Marie Clément advertised a Ph.D. position to determine the genetic structure and natal rivers of Atlantic salmon in Lake Melville, Labrador.

February 4: An academic advisor from St. John’s Campus, Ron O’Neill, spent the day at Labrador West Campus to meet with CAS Transfer students at CNA

February 4: Karen did an interview with a reporter from The Aurora about the LI and it’s projects.

February 5: Martha met with Ellen Oliver and Lucy Brennan about an article we are co-writing for a journal regarding the IBSW program.

February 5-7: Scott has been busy processing requests for truck use and accommodation space at the research station for researchers associated with Dr. Rankin's CURA project and PhD students from MUN. He also spent time arranging access to some of our field equipment for conservation officers with the Nunatsiavut Government, who were taking ice thickness measurements that will be used by the "Blueprint for Change" project.

February 6: Martha worked on planning for the alumni event, with speaker Dr. Philip Hiscock.

February 7: Marie Clément participated to the Labrador Salmonid Advisory Committee Meeting.

February 7: Martha worked on timelines for new galleries upcoming at the Rooms.

February 8: Ron and Martha participated in an interview of a candidate for the Research Associate for the Aboriginal Community Based Education Program for Labrador.

February 9: Martha attended the CURA AGM “Understanding the Past to Build the Future” Premiere of the film The People of NunatuKavut.

February 11: An article about the Labrador Institute and its work appeared in The Aurora, Labrador West’s community newspaper.

February 12-15: Keith was at St. John’s Campus; while there he attended the Senior Academic Administrators Group (SAAG) meeting, met with the search committee for the Faculty of Arts position, and gave a presentation to Alumni Affairs. He also had meetings with other individual faculty and staff there.

February 12: Memorial’s Labrador Institute public engagement launch event: showing of film The Far North, followed by a reception. Several LI employees took part on this event.

February 13: Marie Clément met with Richard Nuna to discuss the aquatic research program and the Innu First Nation research priorities.

February 13: Martha, Karen and Scott attended the Harris Centre public engagement workshops at St. John’s Campus.

February 14: Martha met with Dr. Ray Gosine in St. John’s in preparation for joining the research council.

February 14: Martha attended the advancement council meeting while in St. John’s.

February 14: While in St. John’s, Scott also had a lunch meeting with Stephen Hull of the provincial archaeology office.

February 14: In collaboration with Rebecca Schiff, Marie Clément submitted a research proposal to develop partnerships between natural and social scientists and quantify the effects of the hydroelectric development on methylmercury bioaccumulation and related social impacts.

February 14: While in St. John’s, Karen met with some library staff in Circulation, Lending Services and Bibliographic Control at QEII library to talk about policies for the circulation of LI library materials though the new system.

February 15: Scott submitted an article on the "Blueprint for Change" project to the magazine Labrador Life.