February 3-16, 2014

February 3-16: Doreen and Martha have been busy coordinating and getting things up and running for the offering of the Gardiner Centre’s Master’s Certificate in Project Management. This is set to go ahead in Happy Valley-Goose Bay starting February 18.

February 4: Sylvia Moore and Ruby Best were guests in Andrea’s ANTH 2412 class, as the class discussed approaches to Aboriginal education in Labrador.

February 4 & 5: Merline met with two scientists from Bruker Corporation and Transition Technologies, Inc. in St-John’s to complete the set-up of the portable x-ray fluorescence analyzer (pXRF) recently purchased by the Labrador Institute, and take part in a training session on the use of the pXRF for mineral exploration and environmental monitoring applications.

February 5: Martha Met with Faculty of Education and Nunatsiavut government representatives to discuss the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program.

February 11: Labrador Institute Monthly Staff Meeting

February 11–14: Doreen has been busy with our financial matters concerning year end forecasting and reporting with the budget office, as well as meeting with our LI researchers about spending, forecasting and upcoming transfers.

February 13: Martha participated in a Meeting to discuss the Inuttitut language component of the teacher education program

February 13: Labrador Institute staff took to the road for this year's public engagement event, "MUN and North West River, Sitting in a Tree." We had a wonderful time renewing and celebrating relationships in North West River, with about 50 people in all dropping by. The highlights of the event were a tour of the facility with special demonstrations by Scott and Merline, and a fascinating presentation by Andrea called "We're engaged…right? Rethinking the relationship between researchers, outsiders, and Labradorians". Thanks to Ed Tuttauk for his help and warm welcome; to Marlyce Shangreaux for wonderful eats; and to everybody who came out from North West River and Happy Valley-Goose Bay!

February 12: Merline receive the Harris Centre-MMSB Waste Management Applied Research Fund ($15,000) for her research project “Documenting spatial and temporal variations of subsurface contaminants by tree-ring characterization in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador: Implications for the design of effective waste management strategies”. Congratulations Merline!!

February 13: Merline and Ron met with Mr. Wayne Wall, the Superintendent of Works/Water and Sewer of the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay to talk about Merline’s research proposal on the evaluation of the quality of drinking water in Happy valley-Goose Bay. This Research proposal will be submitted for the Harris Centre- RBC Water Research and Outreach Fund.

February 14: Doreen met by teleconference with C&C regarding potential upgrade requirements and security issues for LI.