February 18-March 3, 2013

Beatrice and Doreen are working hard on year end budget clean-up, reconciling project funds and ACOA/IBRD claims. A staff meeting is currently being planned to take place April 16-18, 2013. Administrative staff is busy organizing the details. 

Diane is currently conducting an inventory of LI’s electronic equipment, such as cell phones, computers,printers, etc. 

John is still very busy gathering data for his research project. He just returned from St. John's where he was working on the Upper Churchill Hydro portion of his study. 

Karen has been helping to promote the Harris Centre Regional Workshop and Memorial Presents events coming up on March 25 and 26. 

February 18: Ron participated in a teleconference meeting of the Harris Centre Applied Research Fund Review Committee. 

February 20: Morgon met with Mina Campbell Hibbs, and provided some archival footage for the Labrador Interpretation Centre’s upcoming exhibit on the Grand River. 

February 20: Martha attended a Research Council meeting by phone.

February 20: Karen met with a representative from Alderon’s Kami Mining
Project, which will be located on the border of Labrador West and Quebec. The purpose of the meeting was to hear about the project, raise concerns and ask questions. 

February 22: Marie Clément submitted a letter of intent entitled ” Total mercury and methylmercury in food webs (Labrador) to the Canada Foundation for Innovation Leaders Opportunity Fund for funding consideration.  

February 22: Keith had a paper accepted into Canadian Field Naturalist. It is tentatively titled Community-Based Observations of Marine Mammal Occurrence in Groswater Bay during Summer and Fall, 2012. Co-authors are communities members from the town of Rigolet, Labrador. The paper was written by Keith G. Chaulk, Daniel Michelin, Melva Williams, and Tony Wolfrey. 

February 25: Martha wrote an article with Ellen Oliver on the IBSW program for an on-line education journal. 

February 27: Morgon and Keith began a project to compile Labrador census data, and Jill Larkham was hired as a Research Associate to assist with the early stages of this work. 

February 27: Marie Clément participated to a conference call with Aaron Dale (Torngat Secretariat) and Larry Felt (MUN) to discuss research priorities in Nain. 

February 28: Marie Clément participated in the Labrador Salmonid Advisory Committee Meeting. 

February 28: Martha attended the College of the North Atlantic partner appreciation breakfast. 

March 1: Our new employee, Merline Fonkwe started work. Her MUN email address is merline.fonkwe@mun.ca. Welcome Merline!