Fall & Winter 2009-10

Fall 2009 is here and winter isn’t far behind. With the fresh snowfall the LI is embracing the new season.

Several meetings and conferences have been going on this fall and LI has been represented at many of them.

Keith attended the Southeastern Aurora Development Corporation Economic Summit in Cartwright, Labrador from October 5-7. The event endeavoured to identify best projects to pursue for much needed new jobs.

Martha and Keith attended the international Edge Conference 2009 from October 14-16. The event provided a venue through which teachers, researchers, administrators, and policy makers could network and generate knowledge relating to teaching and teacher education.

Keith has been diligently meeting with various MUN faculty and staff to discuss possible partnerships. Among those individuals have been: Dr. Penny Blackwood, Dr. Lisa Rankin, and Dr. Bill Montevecchi. He also continues to sit on the Lower Churchill panel.

Martha is currently working with the Nunatsiavut Government and Memorial's School of Social Work to offer a pilot undergraduate program. NG and MUN have tentatively agreed to work together on this initiative. Martha is also continuing work on her books with Derek and Jennifer.

Along with others from SERNNoCA, Ron attended the 2009 Policy Colloquium entitled: “Building Policy for the Social Economy” . The conference took place from September 30-October 2 at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax.

Keith, Carolina, and Damián are beginning an interdisciplinary research project titled: “Interactions Between Traditional Knowledge and Science in Labrador. The project compares how Aboriginal Ecological Knowledge has been used to influence scientific research and natural management in Labrador. The researchers will be using case studies from the Innu, Inuit, and Metis. Keith is also working with Andrea Proctor on a book chapter which focuses on Inuit Land Use. Keith continues to sit on the Lower Churchill Environmental Assessment Panel.

Beatrice continues to invigilate exams for other post-secondary institutions. She is currently invigilating exams for a student from the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Jennifer, Karen, and Keithare exploring various communication technologies and programs. Our goal is to implement these technologies for various meetings and engagements, including our LIAB meetings.

Martha has once again been heavily (dedicated) involved in the Labrador Creative Arts Festival. This is Canada’s longest-running children’s festival! Students from all over Labrador and visiting artists from around the world use this Festival to showcase their artistic talents in acting, singing, and the visual arts. This year’s Arts Fest was originally scheduled to kick off on November 18 and run until November 24. However, in response to recent H1N1 concerns by the Department of Health and Community Services and the Department of Education, the Festival will be postponed until February.

Dr. Evan Simpson and the Aboriginal Initiatives Task Force are ready to submit their report to senior executive at MUN for review. The LI continues to provide support on this initiative.

The LI has hired Carmen Lyall again, this time as a part-time monitor to support the Aboriginal Resource Centre at the College of the North Atlantic’s Happy Valley-Goose Bay Campus.

We are excited about having been awarded substantial grants to upgrade infrastructure and facilities in North West River, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, and Nain. Design work is about to begin on the IPY infrastructure project for the Happy Valley-Goose Bay campus. Meanwhile, the provincial Department of Education will be handing the finance and administration of the ARIF project for infrastructure improvements to the North West River facility.

LI has new funding proposals under development with various partners and collaborators. These upcoming projects, if funded, will be primarily research related.