December 9-22, 2013

John received a travel award from the Network in Canadian History and Environment (NICHE), to support a trip to the World Congress of Environmental History in Portugal next summer where he will presenting a paper on extractive industry in Labrador over the past half century. Congratulations John!

December 9: Martha attended a Research Council Meeting

December 9: Martha attended a lunch with the HV-GB Chamber of Commerce where the Hon. Paul Martin was speaking.

December 9: Bryn completed an introductory course in Media Relations.

December 9: Labradorians on Film presented “Geographies”.

December 10: Bryn attended the AGM for the Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators (CNNRO).

December 10: LI held it’s monthly Staff meeting. This was followed by a Christmas potluck.

December 11: Martha attended a public engagement meeting.

December 11-13: Bryn attended the ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting.

December 12 & 23: Doreen was involved with testing and troubleshooting Internet Service Obstacles for the Administration office and our Nunacor building locations.

December 18: Martha attended an Inuit Bachelor of Social Work evaluation meeting.

December 18 & 19: Karen took part in “Mental Health First Aid” Training in Labrador West.

December 19: Marie did an interview on Labrador Morning about her Aquatic Research Program and about setting up a mercury lab in Central Labrador.

December 19: LI started using Banners on our webpage. The first one is a single banner about Andrea’s course and can be found on our home page.