December 10-23, 2012

December 10: Martha was involved with more planning for IBSW graduation, the date is now confirmed for June 14, 2013.

December 11: Martha attended a Public engagement meeting; the meeting involved planning for the launch on February 12, 2103, which will be a film presentation and reception, as well as some presentations on LI projects.

December 12 & 13: A site visit was completed with Merline Fonkwe, a candidate for the for the Research Associate -Earth Scientist/Mineral Deposits position. While here, she met with LI staff as well as community members. Thanks to Doreen for arranging the visit.

December 17: Martha attended a quarterly advancement council meeting. During quarterly meetings, each person presents on their unit’s advancement activities.

December 18: Martha assisted with interviews at the Mokami Status of Women.

Also during this time, Marie Clément in collaboration with Ian Bradbury and Geoff Veinott (DFO), is developing a research proposal to determine the genetic structure of Atlantic salmon population and to identify natal rivers in Lake Melville.

A research paper entitled, Values, climate change, and implications for adaptation: Evidence from two communities in Labrador, Canada written by Johanna Wolfe, a research partner with the Labrador Institute (LI), Ilana Alice, a recent employee of the LI and Trevor Bell, also a research partner with the LI is currently in press in the journal Global Environmental Change.