August 6-19, 2012

August 6-10: Nathaniel attended the 15th International Congress on Circumpolar Health in Fairbanks, Alaska.  He made two presentations at the conference!

August 7: Scott met with Rebecca Watts, a summer student, regarding the Sivunivut Project. She is currently correcting transcriptions for local slang and organizing the first Place Name workshop (for young people).

August 6-9: Scott helped in transporting the dendrochronology crew from Goose Bay to dock in North West River and then back again. In NWR, they met Doug Blake who was guiding them up Grand Lake and the Naskapi. Their season ended a day short, and they didn’t find as many samples as they had hoped to on the Naskapi.

August 9: Rachel Hirsch hosted a phone meeting with a project partner on the Iqaluit to Ottawa Knowledge Tracking Project to negotiate next steps with the reporting of findings.

August 10: Rachel Hirsch helped prepare for and attended a large group day trip to Itillialuk and Siugak (North of Nain) with six youth as part of the Nunatsiavut Government's (NG) Nain Community Freezer Pilot Youth Outreach Program.

August 10 – 12: Marie attended the Nunatukavut’s cod festival at William’s Harbour.

August 13:  Karen met with Sue Fahey, of Serials and Acquisitions at Memorial’s QEII library by telephone regarding the cataloguing of the remainder of our current LI materials as well as future acquisitions and cataloguing of our materials.  As a result, we currently have about 12 boxes that will be transported to QEII for cataloguing then returned to us in HV-GB for shelving with our collection.

August 13: Martha and Morgon discussed book acquisitions with Joan Ritcey from the Centre for Newfoundland Studies. We will obtain copies of materials on Labrador held in their collection, and CNS will order and catalogue duplicates of Labrador materials for our library.

August 13: Rachel Hirsch completed a full draft of the Knowledge Tracking Guidebook ("A GUIDE TO KNOWLEDGE TRACKING USING NETDRAW©"). The guidebook is now under review by project partners.

August 14:  Scott hosted  Zoë Yujnovich, President & CEO of the Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC), Manon Beauchemin, IOC’s Vice President of External Relations and Stuart Murray, also of IOC, on a tour of Muskrat Falls.

August 14: LI staff members Martha MacDonald and Ron Sparkes met with ACOA Minister Bernard Valcourt and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Peter Penashue.  Also in attendance were  Rex Goudie, Labrador Region Manager, Ken Martin of ACOA’s St. John's office and Shirley Woodward and Cyril Organ of the College of the North Atlantic. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss postsecondary programs and research in the region in support of sustainable economic development as well as partnership potential with ACOA and industry.

August 15: Rachel Hirsch attended Chris Furgal's research group meeting (via Skype) that focused on categorical data analysis (logistic regression).

August 16:  Update on needs assessment:  Martha has been working for some time on a needs assessment to be carried out in fall to ascertain educational needs and interests in Labrador.  This work is being done in conjunction with the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning. Kim Myrick of the CIAP has advised us that a research analyst is now designing the survey tool.

August 16:  Martha had a discussion with Dr. Larry Felt on the next steps for a manuscript by Louie Montague, to be published by ISER with involvement by LI.

August 17: Rachel Hirsch attended a CIHR Population Health Intervention to Promote Health and Health Equity Webinar on aboriginal health research priorities by the National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation. 

August 18: Benn Zukowski, an intern from the University of Michigan has finished a successful internship in Labrador. He completed a report of caribou policy for Aaron Dale at the Torngat Secretariat.  A copy will be placed in the LI Library collection.

Doreen has been planning a site visit for the end of August for the Minerals RA Position

Doreen continues to work on new office space, such as setting up insurance coverage and arranging phone/internet installation

Karen has been working on LI’s Annual Report for 2011-2012, which will be all set for reading before too long!

John continues to work on his research about the economic history of Labrador's resource industries.  He has  tracked down and is about to order from the national archives in Ottawa a quantity of records dealing with labor disputes at the mines in Labrador West. He has also completed a quantitative summary and a very preliminary analysis of iron ore mining in Labrador West (based on annual data on production, value, employment, and wages paid since 1955). He has also begun to collect material for an analysis of the coastal Labrador fishery.  Very interesting stuff!

Rachel Hirsch also updated the information pamphlet for the KT project, updated the spreadsheet used for tracking project activities for the NG's Pilot Youth Outreach Program and helped bag/weigh seal and char.

Karen did some exam invigilation for Memorial University’s DELTS, Algonquin College and Athabasca University.

Scott has been quite busy overseeing repairs to the LI truck, maintaining various issues at NWR Research Centre, working on the Sivunivut Project and has been continuing to work on and at the Archaeology site there.