August 20-September 2, 2012

August 20: Media day at the archaeology site in Sheshatshiu. CBC Radio and TV and The Labradorian did stories on the project.

August 20: Jamie Jackman started work as the Community Coordinator for the Sivunivut/LI research project. Scott helped Jamie get settled away with some workspace at NWR Research Centre.

August 21: Marie met with Steve Pellerin to discuss Nalcor's research priorities and future collaboration (including their consulting firm (AMEC)).

August 21: The Library cataloguing project in Labrador West is winding down, with the remaining materials being sent BCS at QEII for cataloguing.

August 21-27: Marie spent a week in Nain to sample Arctic Char with Milton Shears (DFO) and discussed research priorities in the region.

August 22-23: Morgon and Scott attended the two-day Disaster Preparedness workshop held at the Labrador Interpretation Centre in North West River,. The workshop was organized by the Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, and presented by the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa.

August 29: Nathaniel and Martha attended a meeting with the Inuit Bachelor of Social Work (IBSW) graduation committee to start planning the 2013 BSW graduation in Goose Bay

August 28: Martha attended an all-day retreat of Advancement Council by phone.

August 30: Martha met with Caroline Vaughan of Literacy Newfoundland and Labrador to discuss a research project on learning and employment access of northern men.

August 30: Martha Met with Dr. Heidi Coombs-Thorne, post-doc, to discuss research on the Grenfell Mission.

Doreen continues to work out particulars for new office space.

Ergonomic Assessments for staff at Happy Valley-Goose Bay are scheduled for week of Sept 19th. These will be carried out by Ms. Erin Bradbury, the Ergonomic Specialist for Memorial University.

August 20-September 2:

Nathaniel was busy preparing a data request application for the NL Centre for Health Information, drafting a report on the suicide prevention research community consultations to provide to partner organizations and preparing a manuscript for submission to the proceedings of the International Circumpolar Health Congress

IBSW program: Nathaniel was active in finalizing plans for the for the fall semester.

Nathaniel developed an orientation module on professionalism and reducing your 'digital footprint' for the IBSW program