August 19-September 1, 2013

August 19 – September 1: In collaboration with Rebecca Pool (DFO) and Richard Nuna (Innu First Nation), Marie Clément conducted electrofishing to capture juvenile Atlantic salmon in Cape Caribou River and Kenamu River for genetic and otolith microchemistry analysis.

August 23: Labrador Institute summer student Catherine Emmens wrapped up a significant archival development project. We now have over 7,000 images arranged and boxed, along with hundreds of videos and sound recordings.

August 26: Marie Clément completed the review of a MSc thesis in the Biology Department of Memorial University.

August 26: Bryn Wood joined the Labrador Institute team as our new Operations, Facilities and Logistics Coordinator. Scott Neilson, who was formerly in that position, has moved into a new tenure track faculty position with the Faculty of Arts that started on September 1. Welcome Bryn and Congratulations Scott!

September 1: Marie Clément completed the review of a MSc thesis in the "département des sciences fondamentales de l’Université du Québec à Chicoutimi".

September 1: Sylvia Moore began work at the Labrador Institute for one year as a visiting Assistant Professor working in the Community-Based Aboriginal B.Ed program. Candice Amber has also joined the team and will be working as a Research Associate with the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program. Welcome Sylvia and Candice!

September 1: Andrea Procter started work with the Labrador Institute as a postdoctoral fellow. Also, Andrea’s husband, Jamie Skidmore, an Associate Professor in the English Department at the St. John's campus, is now based here for the year as well. Welcome to both of you!