April 30-May 13, 2012

Here is the latest Bi-Weekly Review for April 30-May 13:

Applications are being received for student researchers and Community researcher for the Sivunivut Climate Change Project (closing date is May 14th).

Scott has been making arrangements for Dale Jarvis to provide interview training.

Scott has been working on getting the field equipment ready for the summer in North West River, such as having trucks serviced and summer tires installed, and charging boat batteries.

Scott finished setting up GIS computer and large format printer/scanner Tested scanner in the Research Station, with help from Bryn Wood of the Torngat Secretariat

Beatrice and Diane provided extensive behind the scenes support such as purchasing supplies, processing travel claims and completing expense reports for Rebecca Schiff’s Project, the Suicide Prevention Workshop and the Rigolet Inuktut Language Project.

Ilana has prepared for and has completed the first week of Sociology 2250 with the Bachelor of Social Work students.

Beatrice did some research on car rentals in HV-GB, Forteau and Blanc Sablon for the information of the President’s office.

Karen coordinated and placed an order for LI clothing for current staff.

Exam invigilation for UNISA has started in Labrador West.

April 30: Scott Neilsen met with Susanne Crate from George Mason University to discuss her climate change research in Makkovik and Mud Lake.

April 30: Scott attended Health Canada presentation of the needs assessment they have completed for the two Innu communities in Labrador.

May 1:  The Bi-Weekly report is now appearing on the Labrador Institute Website under News and Events. For more information contact Karen Pottle-Fewer.

May 1: Rebecca Schiff met with and briefed Olivier DeSchutter’s staff (United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food) via Skype in preparation for their mission to Canada.

May 1: Rebecca Schiff attended a meeting with colleagues in the Division of Community Health and Humanities to begin preparations for a recently awarded Instructional Development Grant on Experiential Learning

May 1:  Martha MacDonald and Jennifer Wight did Interviews for the Program Coordinator Position in HV-GB.  The position has been awarded to Morgan Mills.  Congratulations Morgan.

May 1:  Martha MacDonald met with Susan Crate to discuss research project in Mud Lake.

May 2:  LI and LG Health co-hosted a Community Research Workshop on Suicide Prevention. In all, about 35 participants and researchers gathered at the hospital in Goose Bay. People traveled from Nain, Hopedale, Makkovik, St. John's, Sheshatshiu, Northwest River, and Goose Bay to take part in this day-long round-table discussion on suicide prevention research. The next steps involve traveling to communities including Nain, Hopedale, Sheshatshiu, and Natuashish to speak to elders, youth, and local people about research on suicide. For more information, contact Nathaniel (npollock@mun.ca).  Rebecca attended this on behalf of LI.

May 2:  Martha MacDonald discussed plans for learning needs assessment with CIAP.

May 2:  Our director, Keith Chaulk participated in a teleconference with the Gilbert Bay steering committee.

May 2:  Keith Chaulk met with the Director for Renewable Resources (Nunatsiavut)

May 2:  A public presentation was held for  Dr. Marie Clement, a candidate for the Labrador Institute/Marine Institute cost shared position of Aquatic Ecologist which will be stationed in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

May 3:  A Round Table Discussion Meeting was held with Marie Clement and NunatuKavut, the Torngat Secretariat, DFO, Environment Canada, Nature Conservancy Canada, and the Provincial Division of Water Resources.

May 3:  Rachel Hirsch organized and attended a meeting with the York-based research team for the knowledge tracking project at York University, Toronto, ON

May 3 & 4:  Labrador Institute Staff meeting was held in Happy Valley-Goose Bay; Martha chaired the meeting, Karen attended by WebEx on Thursday and travelled from Labrador City to attend Friday’s session.

May 4: Rebecca attended a teleconference with the Breastfeeding Research Group at MUN to continue assisting with plans to conduct research in Labrador.

May 4: Scott Neilsen met with Aaron Dale of the Torngat Secretariat to discuss potential research opportunities for the Labrador Institute Intern who will be coming from the University of Michigan in June.

May 4 & 5: Rachel Hirsch participated and co-presented at a SSHRC-funded workshop on environmentally-induced displacement.  This was held at York University, Toronto, ON.
Talk title: "The importance of connection-to-place: A youth-led community freezer program for improved health and well-being through the exchange of land skills and values"
Co-presenter: Donna Dicker, Youth Member, Nain Community Freezer Youth Pilot Program Steering Committee

May 5: Rebecca attended a special meeting of the Executive of the Canadian Association of Food Studies to discuss plans for a journal which the Association will launch in late May

May 7:  Beatrice sent off the five applications we received for the Soil Scientist Position to Dr. Mano Krishnapillai at Grenfell Campus.

May 7:  Twenty-three boxes of materials belonging to our collection were sent from Labrador City to the Labrador Institute Library located in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.  They arrived there on May 9.

May 7 & 8:  Martha MacDonald attended the Heritage Forum in Makkovik.

May 8:  Keith attended a MUN Research Council meeting and a meeting with Nature Conservancy Canada.

May 9:  Keith Chaulk met with Marilyn Butland to discuss a contract she is conducting for the Division of Marketing and Communications.

May 10: Rebecca attended a meeting of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Community Advisory Board on Housing and Homelessness.

May 10: Rebecca attended a meeting of the Steering Committee of Food Secure Canada.

May 10:  Scott put out a request for a quote to purchase the last of the furniture we require for the offices and Labs at the Research Station in North West River.

May 10:  Sheshatshiu Archaeology Project:  Scott met with Band manager to go over budget Drafting statement of work to provide to the office of research in anticipation of establishing a research grant for the project advertising for two excavation supervisor positions.

May 10:  Rachel attended an Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS) Executive Meeting via Skype.

May 10:  Rachel attended the Government of Canada's Advisory Panel on Research Ethics' Webinar on Chapter 9 of the TCPS2: Research Involving First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Peoples of Canada (online).

May 10 & 11:  Martha MacDonald attended a UNESCO meeting in Ottawa.

May 7-11:  Jennifer Wight’s last week with the Labrador Institute; we are sad to see her go but delighted that she will be pursuing other opportunities at Grenfell Campus.  Farewell and all the best to you Jennifer!