April 28-May 11, 2014

Martha recently had an article entitled “English in Labrador: Demonstrating difference” published in Regional Language Studies…Newfoundland (25). This is a special issue on language in Labrador.  

April 28: Martha attended an Inuit Bachelor of Education curriculum meeting.

April 28-29: Scott attended a strategic planning meeting in the town of Cartwright, for the Mealy Mountain National Park. They discussed ways the town council and residents can make the most of the opportunities the new park will present.

April 29: Morgon and Doreen took part in a teleconference with C&C regarding setting LI up on the Memorial domain; this is the second part of the network expansion that was done last summer and will allow more functionality, including remote desktop support.

April 30 to May 2: Merline, Marie, Sylvia and Martha were at the Harris Centre Regional Workshop in Nain. See the story here on our webpage. 

April 30: Ron participated in a ReSDa conference call.

April 30: Ron assisted Bryn and Beatrice with meeting and hosting Memorial staff travelling to Nain for the Harris Centre facilitated workshop.

May 1: Andrea presented a paper entitled, "Uncertain Solidarity and the Colonial Production of Difference" at the Canadian Anthropology Society's annual conference at York University, as well as a paper written with Carolina Tytelman called, "Containing the Ambiguous: Land Claims in Labrador."

May 2: Ron attended meetings at the Torngat Secretariat with Paul Foley, Grenfell campus

May 5: Martha and Doreen took part in a telephone meeting with Ernst & Young. Doreen has been working with Ernst & Young on a data collection template, a university wide administrative operations review benchmarking exercise.

May 5: Martha was presented with the watercolour paintings from Jolene Ashini for the children’s book. Follow the news story on our webpage.  

May 5: Martha met with a prospective PhD student.

May 6: Martha sent information to Samantha Martin, who is writing an article about the LI for the Downhome.

May 7: Martha attended a meeting of the WWI commemoration committee.

May 7: Ron participated in a ReSDa conference call.

May 7: Doreen attended a telephone meeting with the Research Accounting office regarding calculations of major project account balances.

May 7: Scott hosted grade ten students from Sheshathsiu Innu School at the research station in North West River. He gave them a presentation about archaeology in Labrador and Sheshatshiu; the students then enjoyed looking at artifacts in the archaeology lab.

May 9: Ron attended the National Day of Honor Parade at 5 Wing Goose Bay.

May 9: A demonstration was held by Dr. Evie Plaice of “LabLife” an educational program which creates a virtual world built on a southern Labrador community. For more information, please visit: labradorcura.com

May 9: Merline had a phone conference call discussion about possible research collaboration with Mr. Harry Borlase (director of non-renewable Resources) and Mr. Jean-Sebastien Boulet, both from Nunatsiavut Government.

May 9 & 10: Marie and Doreen attended Module #7 of the Masters Certificate in Project Management. Doreen also had some meetings with the Gardiner Center on some other possible coordination work.