April 2-15, 2012

March 31: Ilana Alice has wrapped up her contract with the Geography Department and is now working on designing Sociology 2250: Changing World that she will be teaching during intersession, starting in May.

April 2: The Labrador Institute contributed some short video clips about the history of Basque Whalers in Red Bay to a student video project at École Mgr-Scheffer in Blanc Sablon. The students hope to release their film online later this term. Contact Morgan Mills.

April 2 & 3: Jennifer Kelly of the Division of Lifelong Learning delivered a course in Effective Leadership at the Labrador Institute on April 2 in Labrador West and April 3 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. A strong group of community leaders enrolled, and the course material and related discussion were both lively and informative.

April 3: Meeting with Guy Playfair to discuss cooperation between Innu Nation and MUN. Innu nation is interested in pairing employees with researchers in the field to help them get experience. Contact Scott Neilsen.

April 5: Now in print: Chaulk, K.G., & Mahoney, M. L. (2012). Does spring ice cover influence nest initiation date and clutch size in common eiders? Polar Biology, 35(5), 645-653. http://www.springerlink.com.qe2a-proxy.mun.ca/content/c2u2122612600kj5/fulltext.html

April 5: Scott Neilsen wrapped up teaching Labrador Society and Culture.

April 9: Meeting with Bibliographic control, QEII library regarding transfer of LI library records to the main system. Contact Karen Pottle-Fewer

April 11: The IBSW students have wrapped up the Winter 2012 semester, with their final exam. Their studies will recommence in the Spring Intersession, with courses offered by the Departments of English and Sociology.

April 11: Interviews were conducted for the Freshwater ecologist position, a shared position with the Marine Institute (CFER). Contact Keith Chaulk.

April 12: Meetings to discuss industry investment in Labrador. Contact Keith Chaulk.

April 12: Bryn Wood from the Department of Geography, MUN came to the North West River Research Station to help set up the GIS (Geographic Information System) station and map printer/scanner.

April 12: Jackets that were ordered by some LI employees were picked up at MUN Bookstore, they will be mailed out to the Happy Valley-Goose Bay office for distribution. Contact Karen Pottle-Fewer

April, 2-15: A follow-up meeting on the Agrifoods project is being planned for April 18, 2012 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Contact Jennifer Wight.

April 2-15: A new Program Coordinator will be hired to replace Jennifer Wight, who will be leaving us on May 11, 2012; Jennifer is working on compiling the required duties for this position.

April, 2-15: Preparations for Expo Labrador are getting underway through collaborations with Grenfell Campus and the Department of Marketing and Communications, contact Jennifer Wight

April, 2-15: The Labrador Institute's Jennifer Wight has been working with the Department of Marketing and Communications to publish a brochure for the Labrador Institute.

April 2 -15: LI is again working with UNISA to administer both written and practical exams. Contact Karen Pottle-Fewer

April 2 -15: Another 145 records have been added to the LI library catalogue. Contact Karen Pottle-Fewer