April 16-29, 2012

Planning has begun for  Fall 2012 courses for the Bachelor of Social Work program. The ad will be posted soon for instructors; hopes are to recruit three instructors locally. Contact Martha MacDonald. Martha will also be on the committee to plan the Social Work convocation for next June.

Finalized a date of June 4 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and June 5 in Labrador City for "Stepping up to Supervisor", part of the Certificate in Leadership, delivered in collaboration with the Division of Lifelong Learning. For more information contact Martha MacDonald or Karen Pottle-Fewer.

Finalizing the dates for oral history training for Sivunivut: Dale Jarvis is coming to do this with Martha in May or June.

At the request of Mario Blaser, Martha has secured Jean Crane to read as Lydia Campbell in a film he is working on. Taping will begin this week.

Work has begun on details of the Dr. Kachanoski's visit to Labrador West in July. Contact Karen Pottle-Fewer or Keith Chaulk.

Seven more boxes of books belonging to LI's library collection are boxed and ready for shipping to Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

April 4: Ron Sparkes attended the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce session "Strategic Marketing and Brand Growth" delivered by June Perry, President and CEO of Pilot Communications.

April 10: Ron Sparkes Conducted a review of "Government of Canada Response to the Report of the Joint Federal –Provincial Review Panel for Nalcor's Lower Churchill Generation Project" in order to identify recommendations and responses that presented opportunities for research. The initial review identified as many as 28 such recommendations.

April 16-21: International Polar Tourism Research Network Conference took place in Nain, NL and was attended by Keith Chaulk, Martha MacDonald and Scott Neilsen of the LI. A highlight of the event was a snowmobile adventure to Black Island. Scott also took the opportunity to meet with Jamie Brake, The NG archaeologist, and visit some archaeology site locations on Hillsbury Island.

April 17: Rebecca Schiff attended a meeting of the Labrador Aboriginal Health Research Committee to plan for a workshop on Aboriginal Health Research Ethics.

April 17: Ron Sparkes attended a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Newfoundland and Labrador Quarterly magazine, a publication of the NL Quarterly Foundation and Memorial University.

April 17: Teleconference meeting of Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic (ReSDA) Steering Committee-focus on the role of ReSDA Northern Coordinators to be located in Nunavut, Nunavik, NWT and Labrador regions; Ron Sparkes of the LI participated.

April 18: Meeting to discuss concerns and opportunities for agriculture and food security in the Lake Melville region, attended by Rebecca Schiff of the LI.

April 20: Presentation given by Len Simms (COO of NL Housing Corporation) for the HVGB Community Advisory Board on Housing and Homelessness, attended by Rebecca Schiff.

April 20: Board meeting with Mokami Status of Women Council, attended by Rebecca Schiff.

April 20: Jill Airhart, Kelly Goudie, and Kerry Saner-Harvey delivered a presentation on the Lake Melville Food Security Network for Food Secure, Canada's first National Webinar in the series "Sharing our Stories"; attended by Rebecca Schiff of the LI.

April 23-27: Scott is working on getting things in place so LI can host a volunteer and an intern from the USA this summer; he is also making arrangements with Martha and Dale Jarvis to put off an interview training course as part of our Health Canada project with the Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation.

April 23-27: international Polar Year Conference took place in Montreal, QC and was attended by Keith Chaulk, director of the Labrador Institute.

April 25: Ron conducted a review of Provincial Budget 2012 regarding implications for postsecondary education . There is new funding for expanding engineering capacity, MI programs and enhancement of co-op placement services.

April 26: Expo Labrador Planning Committee, Ron is a liaison for the LI. Here is an updated schedule of events http://www.expolabrador.com/forms/Expo_Schedule-of-Events.pdf.

April 28: Labrador/ians on Film screening at the Labrador Friendship Centre, theme was "Musical Traditions" and explores the many musical talents of Labrador.