Over $850,000 Supports Economic Diversification in Labrador

"The Labrador Institute is grateful for the support being provided by the Provincial GovernmentInvestments such as these are critical to the institute's operations, and subsequently allow our highly qualified personnel to implement a wide range of research and education programs. This partnership provides meaningful resources to the institute to conduct research that expands the Labrador knowledge base while at the same time aids the university in its ongoing efforts to provide new training opportunities. We look forward to a bright future, working closely with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador as we continue to grow the footprint of Memorial University in the Labrador region. A strong and well educated Labrador, is of interest and benefit to all regions of the province." 
- Keith Chaulk, Vice President Indigenous University of the Arctic, Director, Labrador Institute of Memorial University

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'Help is here'

Four Labrador-based educators’ visited Memorial's main campus for a “student immersion” campus experience.

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