The Labrador Institute has attended the annual Heritage Forum, held most recently in Makkovik, for the past several years.  This gives us a chance to discuss ideas and share resources with other groups interested in Labrador's past.  

Our heritage interests are also reflected in the Labrador Institute's film collection, developed by Mark Turner and currently managed by Morgon Mills.  Labrador’s diverse heritage is also preserved through the archiving of documents, photos and other media, including the film collection, in our library.

The Labrador Institute has also contributed a series of photographs to the Labrador Gallery web page. Many of these photos relate to Labrador heritage.

We also support education and research in Labrador heritage through the intersession offering of Linguistics 2025 and 2026:  Introduction to Inuttut I and II, and through our series of children's books which uses traditional legends to accompany scientific information.