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Public Engagement at the Labrador Institute
Morgon Mills, Labrador Institute

Labrador Institute staff took to the road for this year's public engagement event, "MUN and North West River, Sitting in a Tree." We had a wonderful time renewing and celebrating relationships in North West River, with about 50 people in all dropping by. The highlights of the event were a tour of the facility with special demonstrations by Scott and Merline, and a fascinating presentation by Andrea called "We're engaged…right? Rethinking the relationship between researchers, outsiders, and Labradorians". Thanks to Ed Tuttauk for his help and warm welcome; to Marlyce Shangreaux for wonderful eats; and to everybody who came out from North West River and Happy Valley-Goose Bay!

Have a look at photos and video of our event.

Mar 19th, 2014

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