Intersession 2016 offerings:

For IBEd students only:

ED4301 (May 9-20)
ED3619 (May 23-June 17)

Since 2006 the Labrador Institute has organized and delivered spring intersession courses designed to provide local students with live instruction in topics of particular interest to people in Labrador. Starting with a small group who took Aboriginal Languages of North America, the program increased to add North American Aboriginal Literature in the second year with a considerably larger number of students. 

In 2008 the course offerings included two linguistics credits which offered Introduction to Inuttitut, and served to meet the University's second language requirements and a theatre course listed as English 3350.

The intersession is an excellent program allowing students returning from university or finishing the College CAS transfer year to add credits during the spring semester while community members with a particular interest in Labrador culture can benefit from live instruction.

Current and Former Intersession Instructors:

Dr. Douglas Wharram (Linguistics)
Dr. Jamie Skidmore (English)
Dr. Robin McGrath (English)
Scott Nielsen (Archaeology & Anthropology)
Damián Castro (Anthropology)

For information on upcoming Intersession courses, please contact Martha MacDonald at 896-6213 or