Customized Programs

In conjunction with partners such as the Nunatsiavut Government, Innu Nation, and the College of the North Atlantic, various faculties and schools at Memorial have endeavoured to deliver customized training in Labrador. These are often initiated upon request by a third party to meet a training needs of the region that can only be filled by a University.

Started in September 2014!   Bachelor of Education in Labrador

BACHELOR OF EDUCATION (Primary/Elementary) for Nunatsiavut

NOTE: There is still an opportunity to join this program in September 2015 if you have completed selected first year university courses, follow this link for more information. 

Some examples include:

The Integrated Nursing Access program: This program has been deemed to be a model of collaboration in professional program development aimed at meeting specific regional and cultural needs.

The Labrador Institute has partnered with Memorial’s Division of Lifelong Learning to plan for the delivery of ad hoc courses that address issues of interest and relevance to Labrador.

Another great education resource is Canada's Virtual University. This site links programs and courses offered over the internet by Universities across Canada.

In cooperation with the Sheshatshiu Band Council and the Division of Lifelong Learning, Damián Castro offered computer software training to the Band Council staff.

Beginning in the winter 2010 semester, the Labrador Intitute, in collaboration with the College of the North Atlantic - Happy Valley-Goose Bay Campus - began hosting a Bachelor of Social Work Program. This program was an initiative of the Nunatsiavut Government and is the result of a partnership between NG, MUN School of Social Work, the LI, and CNA. The students registered in the program are all beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement, the first program of its kind. The program is now completed and a total of 17 students graduated on June 14, 2013,  and have since returned to work in Nunatsiavut communities.