Many would argue that an appreciation of the arts is a key ingredient to a fulfilling life. To enhance the quality of life of Labradorians the Institute has had a long history of supporting both creative and performing arts throughout Labrador.

Below are some examples of arts-related programming in which the Institute has played a role:

Research on Moravian Inuit music
Tom Gordon’s research on Moravian Inuit music in northern Labrador addresses the LI’s interests in the arts and in Labrador heritage and culture. Arts and heritage come together in Dr. Tom Gordon’s research project “Choral Traditions of the Labrador Inuit,” which included involvement from both former program coordinator Mark Turner and former LI director Dr. Tim Borlase.

Labrador Creative Arts Festival
The LCAF was begun in 1973 and for the past three decades has brought together the schoolchildren of Labrador to present their original plays and participate in workshops delivered in several Labrador communities on aspects of the arts including dance, music, theatre and writing. The Labrador Institute assists by providing help in preparing grant proposals which fund the travel and fees associated with the festival. For more information contact Martha MacDonald.

Labrador West Music Festival
In 2006, after a 25 year absence, the Labrador Institute of Memorial University and the Iron Ore Company of Canada partnered to revive the Labrador West Music Festival. The Labrador West Music Festival nurtures a friendly, mainly non-competitive atmosphere where amateur musicians of all ages can enjoy performing and hearing others perform, while at the same time gaining new musical insights from experienced adjudicators.

The Labrador Institute also has regular contact with Memorial's School of Music, in terms of special performances, music research and music education.