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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Chapters in Books (Submitted)

Dibbon, D. & Stevens, K.J. Online Learning Communities for Canadian Teachers, Leadership in Focus – The Journal for Australasian School Leaders, 2007 [Submitted 04.10.07,]

2. Furey, D. & Stevens, K.J. The Administration and Delivery of Distance Education for Rural High Schools – New Systemic Roles Facilitating the Integration of Face-to-Face and Virtual Learning Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration [submitted 06.08.08]

3. Kirby, D., & Sharpe, D. (submitted January 2008). An examination of rural secondary students’ post-secondary education decisions. Canadian Journal of Higher Education.

4. Kirby, D., & Sharpe, D. (submitted May 2008). The difference a generation makes: An analysis of the relationship between the post-secondary education decisions of rural students and parental educational attainment. Journal of Research in Rural Education.

5. Seifert, T., Sheppard, B. & Vaughan, A.M. (Submitted) Examining the effectiveness of distance education: Results of multilevel modelling. American Journal of Distance Education.

6. Stevens, K.J., Review of: A Classroom of One – How Online Learning is Changing Our Schools and Colleges, by Gene I. Maeroff (Palgrave Macmillan) The Journal of Distance Learning [submitted 18.04.08]

7. Stevens, K.J. (Cybercell; Dedicated Line, Extranet, Facsimile; Touch Typing) In: Lawrence A. Tomei (ed) Lexicon of Online and Distance Education, Rowan and Littlefield Education, Lantham, MD, USA, 2009 (Submitted 26.05.2008)

8. Stevens, K.J., Three Stages in the Social Construction of Virtual Learning Environments, In: Bernhard Ertl (ed) E-Collaborative Knowledge Construction: Learning From Computer-Supported and Virtual Networks, IGI Global, Hershey, PA, 2009. [Proposal sent 03.08.08]