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Dr. Jean Brown

Dr. Jean Brown is Professor in the Faculty of Education, Memorial University, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in educational leadership. She holds a M.Ed. in Learning Resources (Memorial, 1985) and a Ed.D in Educational Administration (OISE/University of Toronto, 1994). Jean begun her work in the Faculty in Learning Resources, and chaired the Learning to Learn Committee for the provincial Department of Education (1988 - 1990). She chaired the Review Panel of the Centre for Tele-Learning and Rural Education, Faculty of Education, Memorial (2001 - 2002) and became Director (Acting) of the Centre for Tele-Learning from 2002-2005.

Dr. Brown's research in e-learning has been funded by Industry Canada (SchoolNet and Office of Learning Technologies), the Canadian Rural Partnership, and the Canada-Newfoundland Cooperative Agreement on Economic Renewal, as well as the Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada (SSHRC). She has presented on e-learning in Canada, the United States, and in Europe, and is the author of numerous papers and reports. She particularly enjoys combining research and practice, and sees the building of a research alliance between the university and the community as the highlight of her career.