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Dr. David Philpott

Dr. David Philpott joined MUN's Faculty of Education in September of 2000 following a 15-year career in the public education system. He is an Associate Professor at Memorial and also Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Calgary. As part of a major teacher education initiative in Nunavut, he was involved in developing a certificate program for inclusive education for Aboriginal people. He was principal researcher on a large project which assessed the educational needs of the Innu of Labrador and he continued to develop a report of recommendations for enhancing Innu education.

Currently he is a collaborator with a CURA project at Memorial's Linguistic Department, on the creation of a dictionary that will standardize and document the language of Innu-aimun, facilitating the development of a Innu curriculum. He is also conducting a pan-Canadian review of policy for assessment of children with Learning Disabilities. His expertise is identifying learner diversity within a context of cultural and language difference. His CURA research will focus on use of new and emerging technology by aboriginal students.