After You Arrive


Settle in

Eat something: after a long day of travelling, it is important to eat something to give you energy.

Go to your accommodations: if you are living on campus be sure to arrange with the residence office where to get your keys. If you are living off-campus, ensure you have arrangments made with with your landlord or with the temporary accommodations you have booked. 

Email your family: let your family know that you have arrived safely. Still have questions? Email

Register with Internationalization Office (IO) & Attend an Information Session

It is very important that you register with our office & do TWO things.

1. Complete the ONLINE check in form available through
Click the 'student' tab; then 'launch' the 'student services' tab,
then click "ISA Services" and "Check In"

2. Attend ONE 'New Student Group Information Session'

  • January information session dates to follow. Please check back

Virtual Orientation

Pay your tuition fees

  • Deadline to pay fees is the first day of classes. Once you open a bank account, fees can be paid through online banking by adding Memorial University as a "Bill payee".
  • Fees can be paid using Memorial Self Service but must be done by Mastercard.
  • Fees can also be paid in person at the Cashiers Office, Arts Building room AA1023 or by direct bank transfer prior to arrival. For more information about fees payment contact the Cashiers Office at 709-864-8228.

Effective July 1, 2013, Moneris (Memorial's clearing house for credit card payments) will charge a 1.95% convenience fee to those who use a credit card to make payments on student accounts.

Tuition fees are due on January 4, 2018 for the winter semester:  after this deadline, a late fee will be charged to your Memorial University financial account.

Collect your Campus Card

It takes wait two to three days for cards to be processed. Get your campus card from The Bookstore at UC2006. This card will give you access to many areas on campus, including the library.

If you are applying to student residences, you are encouraged to apply for your campus-card on-line. Your campus card will be your room key. To avoid the line-ups and make your check-in a smooth experience, please request your campus-card on-line by setting up your My MUN account and accessing your "ISA Services" tab once you have launched your "Student Services" tab.
Still have questions? Email

Write the English Placement Test, if necessary

For more information see here

Check your requirements: the English Placement Test determines the appropriate English course for which you should register. This test should not be taken by ESL Intensive English Program students. Check your requirements for your EPT HERE

Write the Math Placement Test, if necessary

Determine the level of math right for you: general information on the MPT and example tests can be found in the current issue of "A Guide to First Year", and online. You will have to register for the math placement test before you register for a math course.

You can register under your selfservice account as an undergraduate student by looking at the current course offering and searching for course: 1MPT. If you do not plan to take a math course, you are not required to write the math placement test. Still have questions? Email

Update your address & phone number

Your new address and phone number are the contact information Memorial will use for future communication with you. If it's not updated all information intended for you will be communicated to your old address and phone number.

How to update your contact information:

    • Visit the MUN website (
    • Select Memorial Self-Service from the top menu
    • Log-in using your student number and pin
    • Select Personal Information
    • Under Personal Information select Update Addresses and Phones
    • View your new contact information, select current
    • Make the necessary changes and click submit
    • Review your updated contact information
    • Select exit from the top right menu to log out

Family Program services for your spouse / children

The International Families Coordinator provides support to international student families as they make the necessary adjustments to settle into their new home in St. John's. The IO Family Program can provide information on family health care, schools for children, daycares for children, family tax benefits, work/volunteer opportunities for spouses, ESL opportunities for spouses, local community supports and parenting resources. Learn more about our family program.

Learn about working in Canada

After arriving and settling in you may be interested in getting a part-time job during your study terms or a full-time job during the summer. MUN offers many opportunities for students get employment on campus through programs such as MUCEP, ISWEP, SWASP and GradSWEP. Ensure you are legally able to work. To do so, consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, Do you still have questions? Email:

Connect with IO

Facebook International:
Facebook Internationalization Office:

Participate in Discussion Group: every Wednesday from 4-5pm the Discussion Group gathers in the Social Room next to our office in the Corte Real building to provide support and learn new things together. There is always interesting conversation and lots of laughter.

Participate in Coffee Club: every Friday from 3-5pm we host Coffee Club where students casually drop in and have free coffee/tea and sweets and meet other students on campus. You will have the opportunity to learn about Newfoundland and hear fascinating stories from students from all over the world!

Connect with Memorial

Join a Student Group: Research shows that students involved with extra curricular activities on campus, usually have a positive study experience.

Memorial University UnderGrad Student Union (MUNSU)

Graduate Student Union (GSU)

Learn about immigrating to Newfoundland and Labrador

Immigrate to Newfoundland and Labrador. Still have questions? Email

Understand the Canadian tax system

Read the International Student Handbook 2017-2018

International Student Handbook

For all other questions email


Internationalization Office

230 Elizabeth Ave

St. John's, NL A1B 3X9 CANADA

Tel: (709) 864-2530

Fax: (709) 864-2552