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'Traveling is an education within itself:' Fleet

Mike Fleet

For students like Mike Fleet, learning solely in a classroom is not enough.

“No matter what you are studying, by travelling around to experience different cultures, peoples, cities, and even foods, it opens your eyes to so much more,” Fleet said. “I truly believe travelling is an education within itself.”

Last fall, Fleet studied political science in Harlow, England. This August he will be studying German in Heidelberg, Germany, as part of a Memorial University exchange.

Fleet is happy with the time he spent in England, saying it’s not so different from home in some ways, which made the transition easier:
“Where I lived last year in England for a semester, it wasn't so much different from home, which helps.
As for Harlow, it was great to live there. It's about 40 minutes by train from London, so I used to go into the city to work on my essays or just walk around all the time. Also, Harlow itself is a beautiful town, and right next to where we lived were a couple of bar owners, Craig and Pete, who were fantastic. They were very welcoming and really made living there a fun time. “

Aside from the local hospitality, Fleet says he enjoyed the easy transportation system and the local staff at the Harlow campus.
“Harlow has a very easy-to-use bus system to take you to the airport or the shopping centre, which was pretty close. The campus itself was nice to live in, and the local staff were incredibly nice and easy to talk to. I really do miss living there.”

Mike Fleet in Greece

While he was abroad, he managed to travel to several other European destinations.
“I traveled to many other places while I was at Harlow, one of which was Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where I didn't so much feel culture shock but rather an eye-opening experience on what life and culture is like for places very different from here. “

The Memorial student believes this sort of experience is key to being educated:

“I believe being internationally engaged as a student, no matter what you are studying, is paramount for anyone who wants to receive an education rather than just be taught in something. Obviously, for me, where I'm focusing on International Studies and German, travelling around and being immersed in German is helpful to what I want to do.”

Fleet’s studying abroad has led to several funding opportunities for the Paradise resident, who is born in Newfoundland. He has been awarded the Scotia Bank Travel Bursary, and received the Harlow Travel Award last fall to travel to England. For the upcoming school year he has received the Elizabeth C. Hesson Memorial Scholarship in German to study in Heidelberg.

Being funded has helped Fleet immensely in his studies, he said.
“I've found these awards help out so much to cover the costs of tuition and travelling, as it can be pretty expensive. Any financial aid really does help out.”

It is recommended that any student interested in attending the Harlow Campus inquire about upcoming programs through their respective academic departments. The Harlow campus website is located here.

For more information on studying abroad through Memorial, please refer to our website here.