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Chinese Business students visit Memorial

A group of 23 students and four teachers from Xi’an Jiaotong City College (XJTCC) in Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi province in China, arrived on July 15 to take part in a four-week Global Business Summer School at Memorial University. Read More

Thornhill explores art in England

Kristen Thornhill
The allure of studying art across the pond in a contemporary artistic community like England pulled Kristen Thornhill in, and she has been immersed in it ever since. There's only one problem, according to the native Newfoundlander. Read More

From life in Corner Brook to touring London

Brittney Hollett loved visits to London so much she decided to try life in the city — at least for a little while. She is a student of Memorial University's Grenfell campus, but fell in love with the iconic city of London during trips there as an exchange student to Harlow, England. Read More

Duo aim to abolish stereotypes

Stéphane & WeiChien
Picard, from France, spent 10 months in St. John’s teaching two semesters worth of French at the Memorial. During this time, her and WeiChien Chan, from Malaysia, created the Break The Stereotypes project in March 2014 at Memorial. Read More

"Traveling is an education within itself" Fleet

Mile Fleet
“No matter what you are studying, by travelling around to experience different cultures, peoples, cities, and even foods, it opens your eyes to so much more,” Fleet said. “I truly believe travelling is an education within itself.” Read More

Stéphane Picard finds 'haven of peace' at MUN

Stéphane Picard came to Memorial University hoping to have “amazing interactions” and “enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.” She found both beyond her expectations. “All my expectations were met when I got to MUN and even more,” Read More

Ryan Dunn's international adventures

Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn embodies the Memorial adventurous spirit. A fourth-year student in the bachelor of science and geography program, he has always been fascinated with maps. I grew up in an immigrant hub in Ontario, so I was exposed to other cultures early and I have always enjoyed learning about other places and international politics. Read More

Rocking Toutons

Laura Spiller

From Jigg’s Dinner to lobster to bakeapples, Laura Spiller has made a point to sample signature Newfoundland fare in the eight months she’s lived in St. John’s. But it was the suggestion she try toutons that inspired an event celebrating diversity. Read More

Elin attends school in Canada


I definitely think I reached my aim with widening my perspective and becoming more aware of differences and similarities. I can understand why people do things differently now. I feel like I grew a lot and that this experience opened my eyes a lot. Read More

Hui Sau Chee visits Copenhagen, Denmark

Hui Sau Chee

I experienced my exchange program semester at University of Copenhagen, Denmark thanks to HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Scholarship. Read More

Learning in Nice, France


Study abroad has not only filled the academic requirements I needed – it has changed the way that I look at the wider world and how I see myself in it, and has, in a way, changed the way that I look at NL. Read More

Jeff studies commerce in Malaysia


I thought it would be a cool to enhance the degree and get more exposure to other cultures by travelling. I started thinking that sometime in my future career I might not live in the same demographic. Malaysia sort of picked me. Read More

Zeenia studies business in Holland


I lived at residence at MUN, but the residence in the Netherlands was very different. We were from all continents. Everyone would do things together, and I got to meet so many people in such a short time. It was amazing to meet people from all over the world. Read More