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"It was amazing to meet people from all over the world." - Zeenia

What department/faculty do you belong to? Business

What country are you from? India

How long have you been studying at university? Four years

1. Why did you choose to study abroad, and particularly why did you choose that country/region?

- An exchange was included in my program, which is International Business. I went to the Netherlands because I wanted to go to Europe. I am from Asia, and I study in North America. Europe was the place that interested me the most, I figured that it would be easy to travel to other countries and see lots. I chose the Netherlands specifically because I was writing a paper for Political Science about the legality of prostitution there, and I got to read a lot about Dutch culture, which I found interesting.

2. Tell us about an interesting adventure, site, or trip experienced while studying there.

- I lived in a student residence with about 150 students from all over the world. We would all travel in big groups together. During our orientation city tour, on my first day in Amsterdam, the team leader took us to the Red Light District. That was pretty interesting.

3. What did you find was the biggest difference, either culturally or educationally, between your country and the country you studied abroad in? What was the biggest similarity?

- They give students three chances to write an exam. If you fail the first exam, you can write it again when the new schedule comes out during the summer, and then if you fail again you have one more chance the following year. It's called a re-sit. I thought that was pretty cool, you don't even have to pay for it again. Similar to Newfoundland, people in the Netherlands were really friendly. When all of us exchange students went out together a lot of people were really curious to know where we were from, they would ask us questions and everyone was very nice. Many of them spoke English very well so there was no problem with the language.

4. What would you say to another student thinking of studying in the country you visited?

- Go there! There's so much more to the Netherlands than marijuana and the Red Light District. There's so much culture and so many museums, funny ones but also the Anne Frank Museum and the Prisoner's Museum. Also, whoever goes to the Netherlands should visit The Hague because it's really historic and beautiful there.

5. Upon reflection, what do you think the experience of studying abroad has brought to you?

- I lived at residence at MUN, but the residence in the Netherlands was very different. We were from all continents. Everyone would do things together, and I got to meet so many people in such a short time. It was amazing to meet people from all over the world; I think it makes you less ignorant about other cultures. I think if I got the chance I would live in the Netherlands.