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Julia Skitso

Hi everyone!

My name is Julia. I am an international student from Russia and here is my story! I came to St. John’s under an exchange program lasting one year, North2North, between my home University in Russia (Baykal State University of Economics and Law) and Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). I did not even think of staying in Canada after the program, but I liked it here so much that I decided to finish my business degree at MUN.

The very first thing that struck me about Newfoundland is the wonderful people! Everyone seems so kind and happy to help. Campus seems extremely huge in comparison with Russian universities, which are consisting only of several buildings. I love the idea that you can choose which courses you would like to take, while in Russia the whole program is set by the Ministry of Education and can not be changed. I really like the fact that MUN provides a wealth of different opportunities for self-expression and self-realization; you can join various communities and organizations and participate in volunteering events. MUN helps students to be active in educational and social aspects; and spend school years with interest and passion. In general, you can find something new for yourself.

I am really glad that MUN gave me an opportunity to take a part in the exchange program and allow me to become an actual student! This is my first academic year at MUN and I am really excited about where it is going to take me! Do not waste the opportunity to try something new! You never know what decision will be crucial in your life!