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Waterford Institute of Technology

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Main website for exchange students

Waterford Institute of Technology is one of the largest institutes of technology in Ireland. It was established as a Regional Technical College in 1970, and was the first to be awarded Institute of Technology status in 1998.

The Institute has a multi-campus structure with five sites clustered within a three kilometre radius of the main campus:

  • Main Campus on the Cork road
  • Applied Technology Campus (in the industrial estate off Brown's Road)
  • College Street Campus
  • Carriganore Campus
  • Waterford Treasures Building (Architecture dept)

Highlighted programs
Humanities, science, Education, Business, Engineering and Health Science.

Language of instruction
Gaeilge is the national language of Ireland. However, this is spoken as a first language only by a small minority of the Irish population, and is not required to study in Ireland. All lecturers/classess/exams/assignments are conducted through English with the exception of foreign language classes susch as French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Important Dates

  • 21st June 2013 for programs commencing in September 2013.

Cost of living
It should be noted that the international exchange application form does not include an application for accommodation. Students are required to oraganize their own accommodation while studying at WIT.

  • Accommodation: Approximately €70/80 per week for student accommodation, while private accommodation would cost approximately €60/70 per week.
  • Food/Meals: Approximately €600 per month for eating out, with no home cooking, while making own meals at residence would bring down the cost to approximately €380 per month.
  • Local Transport: Approximately €1.70 from WIT to Waterford city centre. A weekly ticket can be purchased for €13 per week using the student travel card.
  • Social Life: Average evening meal €25; average cinema ticket €8, average glass of wine €5, average pint of beer €4.50; non-alcoholic drink €1.70.

1.00 CAD = 0.7338 EUR