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Van Hall Larenstein

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Van Hall Larenstein was formed in 2003 and is the result of a combination of the Van Hall Institute and the International Agricultural College Larenstein. There are currently more than 4500 students, distributed over three locations and approximately 450 employees.

Van Hall Larenstein is based in three towns in the north and east of the Netherlands: Leeuwarden, Wageningen, and Velp. Lying along a river and in the midst of wonderful countryside, the latter two of these historical towns are situated less than two hours from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The historical town of Leeuwarden is also geographically well-situated with regard to Amsterdam; less than 1.5 hours traveling.

Highlighted programs
Van Hall Larenstein has chosen three focus points: integral area development; animal management and agriculture; food and health. In these areas they play an important role through the curriculum portfolio, the activities of the readers, research dedicated to practical applications and contract activities.

The education system is competence based. Students become familiar as soon and as much as possible with the professional practice, for example in methods such as training workshops, internships and theses. Teachers and student mentors are also involved in applied research in the knowledge circles round readers or with other contract activities. 

Van Hall Larenstein is traditionally an internationally oriented university. All students are trained in international lines of work. All fields of study have an international variant that is well adapted to international practice

Language of instruction
Despite Dutch being the official language of the Netherlands, the study programs are taught and examined entirely in English.

Important Dates
Applications should always be submitted via the International Exchange Officer at MUN. To apply for an exchange programme: please download the admittance form. The application deadline for each semester is as follows:

  • Semester 1: June 1st - Semester starts September until end October and again starts November until end January
  • Semester 2: November 1st - Semester starts February until end March and again starts April until end June

Cost of living
The cost of living for a student in Holland is averagely between €700 and €1,000 per month, including housing, food, study costs and entertainment.
1 CAD = 0.7405 EUR