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The University of Seoul is a public university funded and supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The character of the university the faculty, academic programs, and research institutions is shaped by Seoul’s metropolitan dynamic. Its faculty, students, and administrative body are distinguished by a commitment to civic values and a dynamic urban civilization. Along with basic research, it functions as a think-tank in formulating and supporting the major policy goals of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The student body consists of 7,500 undergraduate students and 2,500 graduate students. The faculty body consists of 350 full-time professors and 640 part-time lecturers and adjunct professors. The University of Seoul thus has one the best student-faculty ratios in Korea.

UOS campus is located in Dongdaemun District, which is one of the 25 districts of Seoul. It is located to the north of River Han. The campus is characterised as an Urban campus with approximate 67 acres of lands allocated to different building for faculties and administrative offices. The Incheon International Airport(IIA), in the city of Incheon, is the main international airport in Korea. It is about a 90-minute car ride to the University of Seoul. Fees are U$62 for regular taxi and U$90 for deluxe taxi.

Highlighted program(s)
UOS was one of top 3 universities without medical school in Korea of 2012. The University of Seoul has set the clear goal of becoming an international center for the urban sciences. These range from environmental and civic engineering, architecture, urban planning and landscape design to public law and administration, taxation science, economics, urban sociology and management. More recently, the university has diversified this base to include the arts and humanities. In the area of science and engineering, the university has concentrated on the development of information and media technology.

Course selection
Exchange students can take up to 20 credits for a regular semester (spring or fall) and up to 8 credits for the International Summer School.

Language of instruction
Most of the courses offered during regular semesters are lectured in Korean, which can be found at →Academics → Course List (each department). However, there are courses that are offered in English, the list of these courses could be found here.

Semester dates
Application deadline for students apply for Spring semester and fall semester is November 31 and May 31 respectively. Fore more information for Student Exchange Program Calender please refer here.

Living costs
It is important to note that exchange students are guaranteed to stay in on-campus housing, while off-campus housing option would be solely the responsibility of the student.

Expenses Minimum


Accommodation 300,000 KRW 600,000 KRW
Utilities 100,000 KRW 200,000 KRW
Food 200,000 KRW 500,000 KRW
Travel 50,000 KRW 100,000 KRW
Internet and Cellular Phone 40,000 KRW 120,000 KRW
Other Expenses 60,000 KRW 400,000 KRW


1 CAD = 1,086.96 KRW