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The University Centre of the Westfjords

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Main website for exchange students

Founded in 2005, the Centre became operational in January 2006. The University Centre offers several summer courses in the Westfjords, including tailor-made courses for national and international field schools. In 2009 this led to organising 4000 overnight stays which in turn contributed to the local community.

The Univeristy Centre of the Westfjords is located in the town of Ísafjörður, with a population of about 2,600 Ísafjörður is the largest town in the peninsula of the West Fjords.

Highlighted program(s)

  • The Master's Program in Coastal and Marine Management.
  • SIT Study Abroad Program offers a course on Renewable Energy, Technology, and Resource Economics in Iceland.
  • Archaeology Field School offers students from all over Europe and North America a solid grounding in all aspects of Icelandic archaeology.

Language of Instruction
The principal language of instruction is English.
All students are invited to participate in the Icelandic language and culture intensive course for three weeks over the summer before they begin their studies. There is no charge for the program and it is highly encouraged to all students to participate.

Important Dates
The application deadline for citizens outside the EU/EEA area is February 15th.

Cost of living
The estimated cost of living in Iceland for a single person is ISK100,000 per month (minimal support guidelines set by the Ministry for Social Affairs).
1 CAD = 117.996 ISK