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Set in one of the most beautiful areas of Reykjavik right next to Iceland's only geothermal beach, the newly built campus offers students modern first-rate facilities. The building has well equipped classrooms and students have 24-hour access to the spacious study facilities.

Highlighted program(s)
HMV is a programme that enables people to study and work full-time at the same time. Students in HMV are offered shorter diploma programmes as well as a BSc study. The School of Business and School of Computer Science offer HMV.

Language of instruction
Despite the high level of spoken English in Iceland, the principal language of instruction in all the undergraduate programs is Icelandic, while the graduate studies programs are mostly thought in English.

All international students coming to Iceland are invited to attend an intensive language preparation programme before their studies commence in the summer. Hosted by the University Centre of the Westfjords in Isafjordur, this programme offers students a fantastic opportunity to learn Icelandic and experience some of Iceland's most beautiful scenery. University International students can register to attend an Icelandic language programme during their studies, which also contributes 6 ECTs to the students credit load. The University offers Icelandic programmes in the Autumn and Spring terms

Important Dates

  • Spring semester: January, 3 – June, 14
  • Summer semester: April, 30 – August, 30.

Cost of living
The estimated cost of living in Iceland, calculations made by the Icelandic Student Loan Fund, is about ISK 140,600 per month for one person. You can expect the rent for a single room will be at least ISK 50,000 per month.