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Northern (Arctic) Federal University

Northern Federal University

Main website for exchange students

Northern (Arctic) Federal University or NArFU for short, is a Federal University established in Arkanghelsk, which is an international port on the White Sea, and is a historical, cultural, industrial and scientific centre for Northwest Russia. It is located 1130 km from Moscow and has a population of 355,000.

Highlighted program(s)

  • Russian Studies: The program has been developed in cooperation between academicians and administrative staff of the northern universities and started in 2007 aiming at stimulation of exchange programs.
  • Environmental Engineering: Master’s Program in Environmental Engineering has started in 2009 and has been developed and is carried out in international co-operation with the universities participating in the Barents Cross Border University (BCBU) project in Norway, Sweden or Russia.
  • Institute of Shipbuilding and Arctic Marine Engineering: The institution is a successor of Sevmashvtuz, a branch of State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg that had been providing highly qualified staff for the world’s largest shipbuilding industrial complexes.

Language of instruction and Course Selection
Participating in multilateral projects of the Barents Cross-Border University, and within the frameworks of the joint international programs, more courses became available in a variety of research areas: comparative social work, environmental engineering, health and wellbeing in the Circumpolar area, Software Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment; where several of them are being offered in English. For a more detailed list of the course offering please refer here.

Important Dates

  • Autumn semester - September 1st - December 15th
  • spring semester – January 9th – June 15th

Cost of living
Outside of the major metropolitan areas, the cost of living gets even cheaper with food and transportation. Though the cost of living in Russia has increased over the last few years, everyday living costs remain comparably low. Typical costs and prices:

  • A monthly bus ticket is 900 roubles.
  • Single ride is 16 roubles.
  • Train travel from Moscow to Arkhangelsk is 1300-1800 roubles for 3rd class, 4500 roubles for 2nd class and around 7500 for 1st (1-day route).
  • Air travel from Moscow to Arkhangelsk is 4000-7000 roubles (2-hours route).

Food and drink prices - imported goods, food and drink are more expensive than the locals.

Depending on the arrangement of the houseing, rooms' cost could be estimated as one of the followings:

  • for a period less than a month – 130 rubles a day;
  • more than a month but less than 6 months – 1459 rubles a month in accordance with the calculations.

For more information please refer here.

1 CAD = 31.2191 RUR