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Kookmin University is a private university located in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul. Presently, Kookmin University consists of 23,000 students, 700 faculty and 300 staff members. There are 13 colleges and 14 graduate schools at Kookmin University.

Surrounded by the Bukhan Mountain National Park, Kookmin University boasts a clean and green environment complimented by the most up-to-date educational facilities. Bugak campus is located in the North Seoul area. Within a five-minute walk from the campus are an array of restaurants, bars, and shops.

Highlighted program(s)
Kookmin University is a prominent university in Korea. In the fields of Design, Architecture, Automotive Engineering, Techno-Design, Social Science and various other academic disciplines, Kookmin University has developed programs that meet or exceed the highest national standards. The College of Design held the first rank in three fields and the second rank in two fields among a total of 5 fields as a result of a nationwide assessment in 2007 in South Korea. In the Joongangilbo University Ranking 2011, School of Economics has achieved the position of 3rd in Korea. The College of Business, Social Science and the School of Architecture enjoy a high reputation as well.

Important dates
For spring semester, exchange application must arrive no later than Jan. 31st and for fall semester all documents must arrive no later than Jul. 31st.

Living costs
Average cost of living per month including food, local transportation, books, and entertainment is betwenn 500,000 KRW and 700,000 KRW. Student dormitory will be assigned for exchange students and the dormitory fee might be waived according to the agreemnet between the universities. There is also a 800,000 KRW scholarship available for exchange students per semester for up to two semesters.

1 CAD = 1,083.59 KRW