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As the sole technology and natural sciences university in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, the TU has acquired an impressive reputation since it was founded in 1970. The magazines Spiegel and Focus give it top rankings in a number of categories. In a national competition held in October 2009 it was given an award for “excellence in teaching”.

The University of Kaiserslautern is a research university in Kaiserslautern. The city of Kaiserslautern, which is surrounded by the Pfälzer forest, offers numerous ways in which to spend one’s leisure time.

Highlighted program(s)
Industrial placement programmes and stays in foreign countries guarantee practice-oriented training. In addition, the students profit from successful cooperation of the TU with renowned research facilities such as the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering and Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM, and the Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems. With its current enrolment of some 13,700 students, TU Kaiserslautern has a manageable size that ensures close contacts to the professors and excellent guidance.

Beyond this, the TU has modern equipment and an outstanding infrastructure ranging from libraries to laboratories and on to its own computer centre.

Course Selection
Course Calaendar is avaliable on the main website, the list of English courses could be found through Wirtschaftwissenschaften→International Business Courses.

There are no course restrictions for exchange students, however some courses require registrations, marked: “Anmeldung erforderlich: Ja” (contact lecturer or coordinator in this case).

Language of instruction
All the classes, assignments, and exams for courses would be as per course calendar's course requirements.

Important Dates

  • Nomination Deadlines:
    • Winter Term: 30.04.2012
    • Summer Term: 31.10.2012
    • Summer School: 15.12.2013
  • Application Deadlines:
    • Winter Term: 31.05.2012
    • Summer Term: 30.11.2012
    • Summer School: 31.01.2013

Cost of living
TU Kaiserslautern, like every other university, requires you to pay a "student service contribution" each semester. The contribution includes the costs of the student union, the student organization AStA, and for the student ticket which provides access to the regional public transportation net.

Cost of living information is always based on averages and estimated values and depends on individual needs.

The following figures are provided for general planning purposes:

  • Housing: 250 €
  • Food: 160 €
  • Clothing: 60 €
  • Telephone, Internet, and TV: 50 €
  • Health insurance: 70 €
  • Classroom supplies: 40 €

1 CAD = 0.7405 EUR