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Chonnam National University

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Main website for exchange students

Chonnam National University is located in the metropolitan city of Gwangju, which lies in the middle of South Jeolla provice. Gwangju is Korea’s 6th largest metropolitan city and one of the most historically significant areas in the region. Established in 57 BC, Gwangju played a key role in Korea’s cultural identity. The main campus covers 300 tree-lined acres, encompassing 97 departments in 14 colleges, 5 graduate schools, and 23 research institutions. Over 160,000 men and women have graduated CNU, and the university currently has about 30,000 undergraduate students in addition to approximately 6,300 graduate students that are being catered by 1,500 faculty and staff members.

Highlighted Program(s)
CNU used to be generally regarded as one of the five major national universities of South Korea, while the number of key national university has risen to ten. CNU is recognized as one othe best performers in government supported Human Resources Developer projects. 

Language of instruction
The list of courses that are taught in English is available here. In addition, all international students coming to CNU are invited to attend Korean Language Courses.

Cost of living
Day to day living expenses are on par with other major cities in the country, excluding Seoul which is noticeably higher.