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Law and Society Major - New Course

Announcement – New First Year Course

 The Law and Society Programme is pleased to announce that in Fall 2012 it will be offering a new first year course, LWSO 1000: Law, Democracy and Social Justice. This course examines the nature and aims of democracy and contemporary issues related to social justice through a law and society perspective. LWSO 1000 will replace LWSO 2000 as the required introductory course in our programme. There will be no prerequisite for LWSO 1000.

Please note that students who have commenced their studies prior to Fall 2012 will not need to complete LWSO 1000 but will have to fulfill the requirements in effect at the time during which they commenced their studies in the programme. For further details please see University Regulation 5.2.1. Year of Degree and Departmental Regulations.