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Meritorious Essays by Law and Society Minor Students

In recent years, 17 research papers by students of LWSO 4000 have been deemed worthy of note by the Law Foundation of Newfoundland, which offers annual prizes of $500 and publication for undergraduate essays on legal topics by students beyond second year. The authors and essay titles are listed below:

Lesley King (Law and Society), "A Critical Look at the Reid Model of Interrogation" (2005-06).
Lisa Smith (Law and Society), "The Law, Metis and Equality" (2005-06).
Megan Collins (Law and Society), "Did the Canadian Legal System Sufficiently Protect the Life of Zachary Turner?" (2005-06).
Sabreen Mowlaii (Political Science) "The Unjust War Doctrine: The US Use of Force in Iraq, 2003" (2005-06).
Katherine Giroux-Bougard (Political Science) "Minority Language Education Rights" (2005-06).
Krista Simon (History), The Reception of Law in Newfoundland: Assessing Women's Participation in the Courts of Placentia District, 1756-1823 (1997-98);
Nina Goudie (Business Adminstration), The Emergence of the Concept of Title to Land in Newfoundland, 1791-1822 (1998-99);
Donalda Lahey (Sociology), When the Vow Breaks: The Impact of Murdoch v Murdoch in Newfoundland (1998-99).
Nina Goudie (Business Administration), The Supreme Court of Newfoundland (Northern Circuit), 1826-1833 (1999-2000).
Cathy Hussey (Sociology), A Comparison of the Protection of Personal Rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the American Bill of Rights (1999-2000).
Rian Wall (Sociology), Loose Lips from the Bench: The Case of Judge McClung (1999-2000).
Tracey Pennell (Psychology), DNA Profiling as Evidence in the Criminal Justice System (2000-2001).
Laura Brown (History), The Legal Status and Treatment of Women in Newfoundland, 1945-1949 (2000-2001).
Suzanne Orsborn (Political Science), The Importance of Murdoch v. Murdoch and Becker v. Pettkus to the Development of Matrimonial Property Law in Canada (2000-2001).
Jennifer Clarke (Sociology), Euthanasia: Legal Issues Surrounding the Right-to-Die (2001-2002)
Laura Brazil (Sociology), Unjust Justice: Wrongful Convictions from a Newfoundland Perspective (2003-2004)
Andrew Mallan (Political Science) Pre-Confederation Aboriginal Law (2003-2004)

Applications and inquiries about this award should be addressed to:

Dr. Katherine Side

Coordinator of the Law and Society Minor Program
Faculty of Arts
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St John's, NL
A1C 5S7