About ACOA

ACOA is the federal government department responsible for helping to build economic capacity in the Atlantic Provinces by working with the people of the region — in their communities, through their institutions and with their local and provincial governments and businesses — to create jobs and enhance earned incomes.

The Government of Canada has recently strengthened its commitment to Atlantic Canada and Atlantic Canadians by launching a new five-year $708-million initiative to support economic development throughout the region. The Atlantic Investment Partnership - The Second Wave addresses areas which are fundamental to Atlantic Canada’s continued growth–investing in innovation, investing in communities, investing in people, and investing in the business climate.

As part of this new commitment, the $300 million Atlantic Innovation Fund is the driving force behind the latest acceleration of Atlantic research and development. The $175 million Innovative Communities Fund assists small and rural communities strengthen their economic base.

With ACOA’s policies and programs, the region now has more R&D activity, more opportunities in rural communities, more exports and foreign investment, and more skilled entrepreneurs, making Atlantic Canada an even better place to live.

About Inco Ltd.

Inco Limited is one of the world’s premier mining and metals companies and the world’s second largest producer of nickel. Inco is also an important producer of copper, cobalt and precious metals and a major producer of value-added specialty nickel products.

In 2004, Inco employed 10,973 people worldwide and had sales of $4.3 billion. Inco’s strength is built on a base of strong and profitable production from our global operations, the broadest range of value-added products in the nickel industry and a worldwide marketing network that extends to over 40 countries.

With two of the world’s best nickel ore-bodies, Voisey’s Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador, and Goro in New Caledonia currently under development, Inco is leading the industry in growth to meet future nickel demand.