Program Requirements


ID PhD students will normally take 12-18 credit hours of courses as determined by the supervisory committee, with at least one course from each participating discipline. Directed reading courses may also be included to support thesis development. Where appropriate, additional language and/or methodology courses may be prescribed.

Although course registration is possible through Memorial Self-Service, in some cases, ID PhD students may have to register for graduate courses through a Course Change form. Please ensure your program courses are confirmed through your Program of Study form (issued at the time of admission) or by a Change of Program form before you register.

Comprehensive exams

The scope, format, and number of required comprehensive examinations shall be determined by the supervisory committee in consultation with the student. Students will be required to take a comprehensive examination after all coursework is completed, which can be no later than the seventh semester in program.


Students must provide a thesis proposal to the supervisory committee no later than the end of the fifth semester in program. The thesis proposal must include a working title, statement of purpose and research scope, outline of theoretical and methodological approach, working plan, and preliminary bibliography.