Chris Alyward

The Beothuk Story: European and First Nations Narratives of the Beothuk People of Newfoundland

Supervisors: Dr. Peter Pope, Archaeology; Dr. Fiona Polack, English; Dr. Jeff Webb, History.

Program Milestones: Awarded SSHRC Fellowship

Research: Within the interdisciplinary doctoral program in Memorial University's faculties of English, History, and Archaeology, Chris is exploring the European and Aboriginal narrative histories of the Beothuk people, who ostensibly disappeared from the island of Newfoundland in the early 19th century. His research involves an analysis of the cultural and media artifacts which, viewed collectively, constitute the Beothuk story. Through an interdisciplinary framework of postcolonial theory, narratology, ethnohistory, archaeology, and cultural anthropology, Chris is exploring all existing representation of the Beothuk in search of a more comprehensive understanding of this unique culture that is believed to have vanished almost two centuries ago.

Discipline: Archaeology, History, and English