Ashok Pandey

Maritime Transportation: Arctic Maritime Shipping Routes:A comprehensive techno-economic feasibility analysis

Supervisors: Dr. Manish Verma, Business; Dr. Bruce Colburne, Engineering; Dr. James Parsons, Maritime Studies.

Research: The project is an interdisciplinary study which attempts to find sustainable maritime shipping routes through the Arctic .The technical feasibility and economic viability of trans-arctic and destinational shipping routes is of utmost concern due to the presence of ice ,the thickness extent and movement of which is uncertain. Safety and environmental issues present an even bigger challenge, the Arctic being a pristine eco system. Incessant melting and thinning down of Arctic sea ice due to climate variability provides the trigger to start maritime transportation in a region which was impassable in the past.

The research project will be able to provide the arctic mariner with alternative shipping routes while in-transit and act as a powerful tool in decision making and risk analysis making the passage safer and economic.

Capt. Ashok Pandey is a Maritime industry professional with more than 25 year international experience. He has an extensive knowledge of maritime subjects; Shipping economics & Maritime transportation Issues and is well conversant with global maritime industry. His keen interest in Maritime Economics led him to complete a Masters in Maritime Economics & Logistics from Erasmus University, Netherlands.

Capt. Pandey has commanded Cape-Size ice class vessels for almost a decade in the high latitudes and has worked on 3 major maritime research projects of global concern, thereby bridging the gap between academia and the maritime industry. Capt. Pandey is educated in Maritime Law, is a Chartered Shipbroker (FICS) and a Chartered Maritime Technologist of IMAREST, London (C-MarTech).

He is currently lecturing at the Maritime Campus of the University of Trinidad & Tobago and speaks on maritime transportation issues internationally.

Discipline: Economics, Nautical Science, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics


IAME 2009 conference: Presentation "New Era in Arctic Shipping" (June 2009)

Ballast Water Research –'Mitigation of invasive species' (2001-2003)